Liz Truss has allegedly been caught on a hidden audio recording calling British workers lazy.

A secret audio recording has been used to accuse Liz Truss of calling British workers lazy. A secret audio recording has been used to accuse Liz Truss of calling British workers lazy.

Critics of Liz Truss, a contender for the Conservative leadership, claim that she called British workers “lazy” in remarks from an audio recording that was leaked.

An audio clip of Truss complaining that British people lacked the “skill and application” of people from other nations was published by The Guardian.

Labor believed that her comments were demeaning and unfairly disparaged British workers.
When questioned about his remarks, the foreign secretary did not apologise.

At a Tory leadership event on Tuesday night, Ms. Truss was asked a question to which she replied, “I don’t know what you’re quoting there.”

But as I’ve consistently stated, “what this country needs is more productivity across the board, and we need more economic growth.”

The leak came to light before to Ms. Truss and her rival, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, taking questions from Scottish Conservative members at a hustings event in Perth.

The party’s around 200,000 members are voting to choose the next prime minister, who will take office in September.

The Guardian claims that from 2017 to 2019, Ms. Truss made the recorded remarks while serving as the chief secretary to the Treasury.The story lacked details, and it wasn’t apparent where the audio originated.

In the two-minute recording, Ms. Truss made the claim that British workers needed to put in “more graft” since they produced less per hour than workers in other nations due to their “mindset and attitude.”

Ms. Truss is heard saying on the recording saying: “I think that attitude and thought are significant factors. That’s accurate; that’s how things work here. I can assure you that things are unique in China.” the fundamental issue with British workplace culture. I don’t think most people care enough to make a difference, but it needs to change if we’re going to be a richer, more prosperous nation.

She noted, alluding to the discrepancy between London and the rest of the UK in terms of output per worker, “If you look at productivity, it’s very, very different in London from the rest of the country.”

Despite acknowledging that the UK “needs to boost productivity,” a Truss campaign official claimed the words were “half a decade old” and “lacked context.” If elected prime minister, “Liz would offer a high-wage, high-growth, low-tax economy,” according to a credible source.

Ms. Truss, who has consistently outperformed Mr. Sunak in polls, focused her address to Conservative Party members on her promise to slash taxes to boost economic growth.
The remarks made by Ms. Truss are similar to contentious assertions made in “Britannia Unchained,” a book she co-authored in 2012. British workers were described in the book as some of the “worst idlers in the world.”

When questioned about the contentious assessment during a leadership race last month, Ms. Truss claimed that Sunak backer and deputy prime minister Dominic Raab was a co-author.
Since then, Mr. Raab has asserted that the book’s contents bear “collective accountability” for him and the other senior Conservative ministers who contributed to it.

The “Britannia Unchained fiasco” seems to be “the model,” according to Jonathan Ashworth, the Labour Party’s shadow secretary for labour and pensions. Ms. Truss may run for office.
Workers “around the country are working all hours” to keep a roof over their heads, feed their families, and provide for them, he said.

Liz Truss ought to be helping working people deal with the cost of living problem, as Labour vowed to do this week, rather than spreading this disrespectful nonsense.

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