The relationship between charcuterie and colon cancer has been proven by French officials.

By backing WHO findings and vowing to reduce chemicals in pork and sausages, the government has dealt an enormous blow to business.

The French ham and cured sausage industries have taken a hit as health officials acknowledge a connection between nitrates added to processed meat and colon cancer.

The World Health Organization’s 2015 findings on food safety were corroborated by Anses, the country’s food safety regulator (WHO).

“Anses advises lowering intake of the spectrum of nitrates and nitrites by purposefully restricting exposure via food consumption,” it stated in an announcement.

Pork and other pork-based goods are coloured pink by the use of nitrates in food items to extend their shelf life and enhance flavour.

France is a major producer of charcuterie, or cold cuts, which are often eaten as snacks or with aperitifs in the early evening.

Immediately after, the government said that it will implement an action plan to minimise the amount of additives in food and beverages by the end of 2018.

Health and agriculture ministries stressed in a joint statement that their use should be limited to just what is absolutely essential. In order to ensure consumer food security, the decrease must be done in a balanced manner.

Processed meats should be designated as category 1 carcinogens, according to the UN body’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, which issued the WHO warning in 2015.

All processed meats were included in the warning, including the ubiquitous bacon consumed in the USA and the United Kingdom, as well as salami, chorizo, bratwurst, and other regional specialties.

Nitrate reduction would raise the danger of major infections like botulism, listeria, or salmonella, according to Anses’ statement. Shorter best-before dates and changed production techniques, however, might mitigate these risks.

in response to “the scientific findings”, a joint statement from Foodwatch, League Against Cancer and health-monitoring app Yuka said that “the political class must take action”.

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