Fusion of soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics played on inflatable courts with trampolines. Acrobatic and exhilarating! 


Traditional Indian sport where one player tries to tag opponents without taking a breath. Quick reflexes and strategy!

Sepak Takraw

Combines elements of soccer and volleyball, played with feet, head, and chest. Jaw-dropping acrobatics!


 Adapted from Harry Potter, players run with broomsticks between their legs, chasing the snitch and throwing balls. Magic on the field


Central Asian sport on horseback, players grab a goat carcass and try to score by putting it in a designated area. Equestrian mayhem! 


Finnish wife-carrying competition where men race while carrying their female partners on their backs. Love and athleticism combined!

Underwater Hockey

Fast-paced team sport played at the bottom of a pool with snorkels and fins. Hold your breath and dive in!