Why you Should Download Adobe Acrobat Pro

Work with Others

With Adobe Acrobat, groups of writers, web designers, and graphic designers can easily and inexpensively look over each other’s work

Compatibility with Browser Format

When you put a PDF file on a website, you don’t have to worry that the images or fonts won’t show up right on different browsers

Look for and Find

Words are easy to look for in PDF files made with Acrobat. Just type the word in the search box, and Adobe Acrobat will highlight all the words or phrases you entered

Shared Comment

With Adobe Acrobat, you can add comments all over the document.

Copy and Paste Graphics

Adobe Acrobat lets you copy images and graphics from a PDF file and paste them as bitmap images into other files.

Customized Safety Measures

You can choose how safe your PDF document is. For example, you can say whether or not someone else can change the text, the pictures, or add comments to the PDF.