How to Download Adobe Acrobat Pro for Free?

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Do you want to know how to download Adobe Acrobat pro? You’re in the right spot. When it comes to subscriptions and payments, you have a lot of choices, but we’re here to help you find the right package for you. This guide will show you how to try it out for free if you want to.

Adobe’s software for editing and making PDFs will save you a lot of time and work when you’re working with files on your desktop, on the web, and your phone. You can get a free seven-day trial of Acrobat Pro DC from Adobe and start using all of its great pro features right away.

Adobe Systems was the first company to make a PDF program, and Adobe Acrobat is one of them. With this software, you can look at PDFs both online and offline. It also makes it easy to make, change, manage, and print PDF files.

How to Download Adobe acrobat pro
Adobe acrobat pro | feedhour


Why you Should Download Adobe Acrobat Pro

Using the Adobe Acrobat PDF format for documents is one way to email graphic and text files to other people. You open Adobe Acrobat and change the file from your word processor to a standard Adobe PDF file. It’s not hard to do. You can also put Adobe Acrobat files on your website without much trouble. You don’t need to know HTML or any other kind of code used to build websites. All you have to do is turn your document into a PDF and upload it to your server.

Advantages of Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe acrobat pro
How to download adobe acrobat pro | feedhour

1. Work with Others

With Adobe Acrobat, groups of writers, web designers, and graphic designers can easily and inexpensively look over each other’s work. This is because Acrobat can turn files from many different programs into PDF files. This means that your staff doesn’t need to have separate copies of each other’s software applications. It also means that your staff doesn’t have to use the same kind of computer. With more advanced versions of Adobe Acrobat, you can even share videos in PDF files instead of having to share video software programs.

2. Compatibility with Browser Format

Acrobat has a standard format for output. What you see in the final PDF file is what everyone else will see too. The document keeps all of its headings, indents, font sizes, font styles, and graphics. When you put a PDF file on a website, you don’t have to worry that the images or fonts won’t show up right on different browsers. Because a PDF file is an image file, the document looks the same in all browsers because it is a graphic file.

3. Look for and Find

Words are easy to look for in PDF files made with Acrobat. Just type the word in the search box, and Adobe Acrobat will highlight all the words or phrases you entered. Click the “next” icon on the toolbar to go to the next instance of the item that was found.

4. Shared Comment

 With Adobe Acrobat, you can add comments all over the document. This lets different editors add comments about certain paragraphs and sentences right where they are needed. Even comments don’t belong in the text. If you click on the icon that looks like a comment, the comment will show up in a pop-up window.

5. Copy and Paste Graphics

 Adobe Acrobat lets you copy images and graphics from a PDF file and paste them as bitmap images into other files.

6. Customized Safety Measures

You can choose how safe your PDF document is. For example, you can say whether or not someone else can change the text, the pictures, or add comments to the PDF. You can also give the document a password so that people who want to see it will have to ask for permission. This is helpful if you want to charge customers to get information.

How to Use Adobe Acrobat DC

When you download Adobe Acrobat pro PDF and start using it, you can change the settings to make the PDF file smaller. The default settings work to get the best results. Using the default settings will save space by removing embedded fonts, removing items that are no longer needed, and compressing images.

Step 1: Start the Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer.

Click “Tools” from the home screen. You will see an icon that says “Optimize PDF.” Find the file you want to optimize and click on it.

Step 2: Use Adobe Acrobat to improve the PDF.

Adobe will open the file and give you three options: reduce file size, advanced optimization, and optimize scanned pages.

Step 3: Change Acrobat’s settings to make the PDF work best.

When you click on “Advanced Optimization,” the Optimizer window will open. There, you can set options for color, grayscale, monochrome image compression, and a lot more. For instance, if you lower the resolution of an image, the colors of the original pixels will be merged into larger pixels.


Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer can be a great tool. But it can also be a lot to handle. There are way too many options, and you might spend more time looking for and researching options than actually using the software. So we recommend you follow our guide after you download Adobe Acrobat pro. Visit the official website of feedhour to get instructions about how to download Adobe Acrobat pro.


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