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September marked the end of the reign of the longest serving monarch of the Royal Family. The 8th of September was noted as a dark day since the world lost Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. The immediate action taken according to the Operation London Bridge was to name the next in line. Prince Charles III was immediately named as the King of England at the age of 73. We have bought some facts about king Charles III.

What changes were incorporated in the National Anthem?

In the days after the Queen’s death, King Charles III served as the monarch and is continuing to do so. Many changes were incorporated such as changing the National Anthem back to “Long Live the King ” replacing the old National Anthem “Long Live the Queen ”. Read below for facts about king Charles III.

King Charles III | FEEDHOUR
King Charles III


King Charles and his family:

King Charles III was born on 14th November 1948 at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom. He has two children, Prince William, the Duke of Wales and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. He was married once before in 1981 to Diana, Princess of Wales but was divorced in 1996. He married Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom in 2005.

Here are some interesting facts about King Charles III we bet you didn’t know: 

  1. King Charles III made history by becoming the monarch. He is the oldest individual in the Royal Family to be named the monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. When Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, Prince Charles was immediately named King and the duties as well as the responsibilities of being the monarch, automatically descended on him. He was also the oldest person in the history of the Royal Family to be the longest serving heir. When King George VI died, Queen Elizabeth automatically descended to the throne, therefore making King Charles the heir at the mere age of 3 years.
  2. He made history again by being the only heir to the throne to attend school. Unlike any other heir to the throne, he was not home-schooled but instead chose to be enrolled in a school and went to a university directly after graduation. He was at the University of Cambridge, therefore becoming the first person in the royal family to be the heir to the throne with a university degree.
  3. The accomplishments do not stop here. King Charles III is an armed forces pilot. He is a credible pilot who is eligible to fly a Chipmunk basic pilot trainer, a BAC Jet Provost jet pilot trainer, a Harrier T. Mk.4 V/STOL, a Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, a F-4 Phantom II fighter jet, a Spitfire classic WWII fighter and an Avro Vulcan jet bomber.
  4. King Charles III has musical talent as well. He has learnt how to play different instruments such as the piano and the trumpet. The first royal heir to go to school also played in the school choirs. Along with this, he also played the cello at Cambridge University’s orchestra. He became the patron at Cambridge, of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In a BBC interview, he joked that even though he loved playing at Cambridge, he was “rather bad” at it.
  5. King Charles III is not just a musician but also an artist. He absolutely loves creating new art whenever possible. The new monarch of the UK loves painting with watercolours and his works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Windsor Castle. Now, they are also available for purchase.

The best part about buying King Charles III’s art is that the profit made from his art goes to the charities, therefore helping the underprivileged.

King Charles III | FEEDHOUR
  1. A true artist, the new monarch has also written a children’s book that is titled, “The Old Man of Lochnagar”. He was inspired to write it when he used to create imaginative stores for his younger brothers named Edward and Andrew. The book was published in 1980 and the story revolves around a man who resides near the royal estates.
  2. King Charles III is a climate activist along with being an artist. Because of his love for nature, he has converted his Aston Martin so that it runs on ethanol which he derives from alcoholic gasses that are emitted while the production of wine and cheese. He also has other cars that run on biodiesel that is created from old frying pans, and he also keeps electric cars therefore reducing his carbon footprint.
  3. A lesser known fact about King Charles III is that he once built a whole town that was called Poundbury in the city of Dorchester in England. He has an avid interest in urban planning, architecture, modern planning, traditional architecture and how to mix the two for the perfect balance.
  4. King Charles III aged 73 has his own organic label called the Duchy Originals which he founded in 1990. It has since then been renamed as Waitrose Duchy Organic. It is involved in providing the royal mineral water, and also offers shortbreads, medicines, herbs, porcelain and tea!The new monarch loves whiskey and has a whiskey brand that is called Barrogil. It is a robust blended malt, which has numerous herbal qualities and a medium sweet tone. It is known as an extremely smooth whiskey.Similar to the profits from his paintings, the proceeds from this brand also goes to support groups all over Scotland.
  5. Saved the best for last, it is no doubt that the royal family has a German bloodline. What is lesser known is that they descend from a genealogical tree that connects the now new monarch to Vlad III. Vlad III was known as Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler as well.

Coincidentally, King Charles III was given the title of “Prince of Transylvania” by the Romanians in 2017.



The new monarch, King Charles III will be reigning over the United Kingdom from now on. He will be upholding all the responsibilities and duties of a monarch that previously his mother, Queen Elizabeth II was responsible for.

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What religion does King Charles III follow?
A Catholic, King Charles III follows the Church of England.
Where did King Charles III live?
As the Prince, he used to stay at Clarence House in Highgrove and Llwynywermod. As the King, he will be staying at Buckingham Palace.
Who is King Charles III of England?
King Charles III of England is the son of Queen Elizabeth II who descended on the throne when the queen died on 8th September 2022.
Who is the next king after King Charles III?
The next heir to the throne is Prince William, the Duke of Wales.

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