Gousto Review: Is it the Best Meal Delivery App in the UK?

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Gousto is a food delivery app that has pretty much changed the face of food delivery and cooking in the main lands of Great Britain. It is a company that was launched by Timo Boldt and James Carter, back in 2012 and is now operated by SCA Investments Limited. 

The company got its first award in 2015 as the best Retail Business of the Year at the Startups awards and since then has only grown. It is aiming to deliver over 400 million meals in the UK by 2025.

What is it about?

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Gousto is essentially a food delivery app but with a twist. Instead of delivering already made fast food to your doorstep, they take it up a notch – the company delivers pre-measured ingredients with insulated packaging that keeps your food fresh for up to 24 hours in their signature big red boxes. 

You can follow the extremely clear and easy to understand instructions to cook yourself a healthy, wholesome and delicious meal with minimal hassle. The variety of every changing recipe list on the app saves you the effort of thinking “what should I have for dinner tonight” and then going to the grocery store and looking for just the right ingredients. Furthermore, it reduces waste and the packaging is 100 percent water and toxin free. 

Why Gousto?

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1.  Variety

The app offers a variety of 75+ recipes that change every week, that range from quick 10 min meals to global cuisines. These include family classics from Joe Wicks’s heath range and low carb meal options for all the fitness freaks. They have a variety of tasty plant based and gluten free options too.

2.  Quality

As convenient as it sounds, it is hard to believe that they do not compromise on quality. They source the freshest of ingredients from the most trusted suppliers, buy high quality, 100 percent British fresh meat wherever needed. And the combination of these ingredients give birth to tried and tested recipes by their renowned chefs and loved by consumers.

3.  Convenience

The delivery is mostly hassle free and done between the convenient timings of 8am to 7pm. And if your order does not arrive on time, they have a great Customer Care team for all your queries and needs. The ingredients are pre measured to perfection and lead to not just easy cooking but also zero wastage that are delivered in a red box, to your doorstep, 7 days a week.

How much does the big red box cost?

big red box
Big Red Box | feedhour

Their motive is “the more you buy, the less you pay”.

Adhering to that, food prices start at £24.99 for 2 people choosing 2 recipes – costing £6.25 per meal. For 4 people with 4 recipes package, Gousto costs £50.25, taking the cost down to £3.14 per meal. It is important to note that there are a few meals on the recipe list that charge an extra £1.75 per serving. However, there aren’t many of that kind and most of the food is included in the price.

You only pay for the food, they provides free delivery.

1 meals 2 people 4 people
2 meals 24.99 Pounds 31.75 Pounds
3 meals 29.99 Pounds 42.75 Pounds
4 meals 34.99 Pounds 50.25 Pounds


The registration is somewhat like a subscription but you are not obligated to spend money on it every month and it is extremely easy to cancel, unlike other services and also doesn’t ask for any cancellation fee.

Is it cost effective?

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This is the case with any holistic meal kit, you could always source the ingredients for cheaper if you do it yourself. But that isn’t really the point of food delivery. In terms of value, yes, 2 meals are on the pricey side. But it is worth the fact that you are getting fresh ingredients at your doorstep. If you are 4 people ordering 4 meals every week, 3 Pounds per person, per meal with such great quality, healthy food is a steal.

Other Alternatives

As good as it is, if you are still not convinced and want to explore more options, Feedhour is at your service.

  •         HelloFresh
  •         Yes Chef Boxes
  •         Mindful Chef
  •         Simply Cook
  •         MuscleFood

The Final Verdict

final verdict
Final Verdict | feedhour

Overall, it is a great option for individuals who don’t just struggle to cook but find it to be a task to go to the grocery store every week. Make your busy lives easier and download Gousto and avail their great discounts for newbies. The website and app both are extremely user friendly, the Customer support is very efficient and of course, the food is delicious and healthy.


Can you freeze the box?
Yes, it is possible to freeze Gousto meals as the insulation is made of ice water. On being cooled, they can last up to 4-6 days, a meal that would normally be fresh for 24 hours.
When does the menu get refreshed?
There is a new menu available every Tuesday at 12pm.
What courier service does Gousto use?
Gousto uses Yodel to deliver their meals.
What are the major drawbacks?
Even though it is a great service, it is on the pricier side and does not offer meals for one. 

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