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It’s not just for girls with long hair anymore! If you want to make an effort this season and give your locks some much-needed TLC, it’s time to learn how to clip your hair up in style. Hair that is kept up can be styled in so many different ways — from simple buns and loose waves to complicated updos and never-ending braids — that it’s almost impossible not to look chic when you keep it tidied up.

Keeping your hair on top of your head isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but a good round of clips will quickly take care of that problem. Yes, there are so many different clips, but if you stick to these best makeup hair clip picks, you’ll have no problem finding a solution that fits your needs and tastes.

And by using these innovative accessories as part of your daily grooming routine you won’t have to worry about what look or hairstyle you should be putting on tomorrow. Keep reading the article until the end and see which ones work best for you!

How to Clip Your Hair Up in Style

As you may have gathered from the name, the primary purpose of a clip is to keep your hair up. There are many types of clips on the market, but the most common ones are winged, wing-like, single-ended, and clip-on. The wing-like clips are the easiest to use and can be worn alone or in combination with other hair accessories. Single-ended clips are often sturdy, but wing-like clips are better at grabbing hair in various directions.

For the most versatility, you should probably choose a single-ended clip. But even with the most versatile clip, you’ll probably want to use it alone sometimes to keep your hair out of control. How to Clip Your Hair Up in Style Now that you know what type of clip to get, here are five proven ways to clip your hair up in style! Wrap your hair up to maintain a secure hold on your scalp.

Using a comb or other hair tool, section your hair into sections and wind them up towards the back of your head. Secure the sections with clips, so they don’t accidentally escape. Combine your hair into a messy bun or loose waves when you’re finished using the clip.

If you want to showcase your loose or wavy hair, try to use a single-ended clip that allows you to pull your hair up into a messy bun or a braid. Once you’ve completed the messy bun or braid, secure your hair with a second clip. Using a bobby pin, perch two or three clips in a row at the back of your head.

If your hair looks messy and bobbly, you can use a hair band to hold the clips in place. If you’re not so keen on dealing with all the wettings and perching, you can also purchase hair tie removers specifically meant to get the hair out of your hair.

The Best Makeup Hair Clips for Different Types of Hair

For the most versatile makeup hair clip, opt for a curling hair clip. It will help you to get the most out of any hair. If you have fine hair that you want to keep looking classy, try pairing a thin barrel hair curler with a long hair clip. If you have thick long hair that you want to add structure to, a barrel hair curler is a perfect match. 

Best Makeup Hair Clips for Different Types of Hair
Best Makeup Hair Clips for Different Types of Hair | feedhour

The Conair Magician Clip-On Hair Clips

As the name suggests, these are perfect for anyone who wants to clip their hair into a neat and professional-looking pair of hair clips. This set includes four different clips, so you can choose which one(s) works best for your hair type. It also comes with a carry case, so it’s easy to store away.

These are the perfect solution if you’re the type who needs to keep your hair up in a ponytail or a bun all day. They’re also easy to clean so that they won’t rust or damage your hair.

The Conair Magician Clip-On Hair Clips
The Conair Magician Clip-On Hair Clips | feedhour

 The Zoya Zebra Clip-On Hair clip

This multipurpose hair clip can be used as a hair accessory and a makeup clip. It’s made from high-quality rubber, so it’s durable, flexible, and easy to wipe clean. Plus, there are several different designs and colors to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your style and makeup look. This hairclip is excellent for creating a messy bun or a sleek chignon – it works for both!

The Ava By Sephora Hair clip

This high-quality plastic clip is perfect for holding long hair in place. It comes with a matching hairband that you can use to secure your hair in place. The clip is ergonomically designed, so it won’t dig into your scalp or cause discomfort. What’s more? It’s also UV rays resistant, so your hair won’t get sunburnt while you wear it. This hairclip is hands down the best I’ve used.

Ava By Sephora Hair clip
Ava By Sephora Hair clip | feedhour

The Glitch Stylist Hair clips

These are perfect for creating a messy bun or a sleek chignon. They also make an excellent gift. They are easy to clean, so that they won’t damage your hair. What’s more? They come with clip-on ears, so you can easily slip them into your bag or jacket pocket when ready to leave the house. They are also water-resistant, making them perfect for rain or shine.

The LEF Cosmetics Luxury Gold Metal Hair Clips

These are gorgeous hairclips, made from quality 316L stainless steel and measuring at a very sleek 15mm. They are incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods and can be used at the office or during social gatherings. They also come with a matching hairband that doubles as a hair tie, making them even more versatile. These hair clips are great for creating a messy bun or a sleek chignon – they work for both!

LEF Cosmetics Luxury Gold Metal Hair Clips
LEF Cosmetics Luxury Gold Metal Hair Clips | feedhour


The best makeup hair clips are the ones that you can use practically every day. They are the perfect accessory for adding variety and structure to your hair. And thanks to their versatility, they can go along with just about anything you wear! These hair clips, from school uniforms to jeans, will help you look and feel better!


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