15 Best Options to Explore the Nightlife in New York

Nightlife in Newyork Nightlife in Newyork

The nightlife in New York City exudes beauty and refinement, with nearly as many ways to spend your nights as there are things to keep you amused during the day. To get you started, here’s a list of locations where you can interact with the “it” crowd in lavishly designed and stylish settings, as well as bars known for their drinks, vistas, and ambiance.

While New York-style partying and relaxing is a necessity, don’t leave town without attending a Broadway production or a world-class performance at Lincoln Center. These are our suggestions for the top things to do in New York at night.

Options to Enjoy Nightlife in New York

The Peninsula’s Salone de Ning

Peninsula's Salone de Ning
Peninsula’s Salone de Ning | feedhour

There are several rooftop pubs in Manhattan, but this one is a true hidden gem with breathtaking views of Fifth Avenue and the Manhattan skyline. Salon de Ning, located atop The Peninsula hotel, was recently rebuilt in classic Oriental style, recreating the grandeur and sophistication of 1930s Shanghai, the “Paris of the East.” Salon de Ning is one of Manhattan’s best spots for an evening sundowner, whether inside the tastefully decorated bar or on the stunning patio. The patio is accessible for private dinners or gatherings for more exclusivity. This is one of the best clubs in NYC.

Avant Gardner

This blazing East Williamsburg venue complex boasts the vast outdoor Brooklyn Mirage sanctuary as well as a pair of opulent interior rooms: a 15,000-square-foot Great Hall and a cozier Kings Hall with an 800-person capacity. Some of the greatest names in the electronic dance music business will perform in the open-air Brooklyn Mirage throughout the summer, and the party will continue all year in the inner rooms, which have previously welcomed Jamie Jones, Fisher, Gramatik, and Aphex Twin. The immersive projection mapping images in both the interior and outdoor locations are not to be missed.

Public Records

Public Records
Public Records | feedhour

This hi-fi drinking establishment has three rooms: a vibrant place for chatting in wide booths and listening to vinyl, an airy café with an all-plant-based cuisine, and a rear section that seems like a mesmerizing Berlin club for dancing the night away.

Views From The Observation Deck

Visiting one of NYC’s best observation decks is a terrific alternative to a helicopter trip. While most of the city’s observatories are open throughout the day, I believe they are a better evening attraction in NYC. Furthermore, several of these decks serve as lounges, so if you go after dark, you may enjoy a drink while admiring the scenery. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife in New York.

Visit Times Square

Visit Times Square
Visit Times Square | feedhour

Visiting Times Square is one of the best things to do in Manhattan, and its nightlife is unparalleled. There are nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and many forms of entertainment, ranging from theatres to TV recording studios to street entertainers.

Go To Broadway

It’s hard to discuss New York City without mentioning Broadway, and attending a Broadway performance is one of the most popular nighttime activities in NYC. Whether it’s your first or 100th Broadway performance, these plays will never fail to surprise you.

Evening At The Museum

Museum | feedhour

A visit to a museum is another enjoyable family activity in NYC at night.

Many museums host after-hours activities and promotions, which may be a fun thing to do on a wet evening to enjoy the nightlife in New York

Look At The Skyline

Visit various vantage points for breathtaking views of the skyline for a low-cost option to spend your night in downtown New York. Brooklyn Bridge Park features various magnificent overlooks from which to see the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the East River piers, and the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. Pebble Beach and the New York Skyline Lookout at Pier 1 are two famous attractions in the park.

Have a Delicious Dinner

Delicious Dinner
Delicious Dinner | feedhour

You’ll feel hungry at some point during the night, so here are some of the most renowned New York delicacies to eat. First and foremost, some New York-style pizza is a necessity, so stop by Lombardi’s in Little Italy or Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. Gray’s Papaya for hot dogs and Katz’s Delicatessen for pastrami sandwiches are two additional spots to go late at night in NYC for a fast snack. Having a romantic dinner is a preferred way for couples to enjoy the nightlife in New York.

Go On a Ghost Tour

Taking a ghost tour in NYC at night with friends is a unique way to enjoy the nightlife in New York, and most of these tours are lighter, so you can do it with family as well. These sorts of experiences give you a different perspective on the city and its history, and you’ll get to see some intriguing places you would not have seen otherwise.

Cross The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge | feedhour

I mentioned Brooklyn Bridge Park before, but I also recommend crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not just one of the top free things to do to enjoy the nightlife in New York, but it’s also a stunning NYC attraction at night.

Go To a Speakeasy

Finding secret speakeasies is without a doubt one of the finest elements of living in a big city. These tiny, private pubs offer a lot of personalities, not to mention great cocktails, so going to one of them at night is a fun thing for adults to do in NYC.

Ride The Ferry To Staten Island

Staten Island Nightlife in New York
Staten Island | feedhour

The Staten Island Boat is a New York City institution, and a ride on the ferry is one of the best affordable things to do in NYC at night. The ride is free, so you may go as many times as you like, however, I prefer going after nightfall when the Statue of Liberty is magnificently lighted.

Go To A Tv Show Taping

Finally, most other cities do not allow you to attend a TV show taping, so if one of your favorite shows is filmed in New York, seek a free ticket to filming.


Nowadays is a slice of Neverland for club kids, with its top-tier music system, sophisticated food, and deeply chilled ambiance. A must-visit place to visit for party lovers. These clubs in NYC are a good way to enjoy the nightlife in New York.


Other cities cannot compete with New York’s nightlife. Get high on life on your journey to New York for one of the most incredible evenings of your life. While you may have been a bit too intoxicated to recall the hijinks you did, the memories will be with you forever. So don’t waste time now and book your tickets and hotels in New York with the help of Booking.com


Is New York good for nightlife?
Nightlife in New York is well known. Whether it’s elegant cocktail dens, friendly dive pubs, or bottle-service-only dance clubs, the City’s after-dark entertainment scene is as vibrant as it has always been.

What part of New York has the best nightlife?
The East Village is usually a good bet for amazing NYC nightlife, live music, and parties that linger till the early hours of the morning. McSorley’s Old Ale House, an Irish pub and one of the city’s oldest taverns, is a local institution.

What time does NYC nightlife start?
Nightclubs are often venues where people go after 11 p.m. and stay open until 3 or 4 a.m. For more information visit the official website of Feedhour.

Where do people go clubbing in NYC?

NYC’s hottest nightclubs and lounges

  • Paul’s Casablanca
  • Teksupport
  • The DL
  • Somewhere Nowhere
  • The Brooklyn Mirage

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