List of 9 Thrilling Water Parks in Bristol to Visit in 2022 

Thrilling Water Parks in Bristol Brussels Airlines encourages you to take your family to Bristol for a wonderful weekend break and to check out these waterparks for some well-deserved fun

Situated along the River Avon, Bristol is the cultural hub of the UK. With a rich maritime history, Bristol now houses numerous aesthetic cafes, restaurants, shops and cultural places.

Along with these, Bristol also features some of the best water parks in the UK. You never have to fear the weather because there are numerous indoor water parks in Bristol and family water parks in Bristol as well.

Brussels Airlines recommends you to visit Bristol with your family for a perfect weekend getaway and visit these waterparks for some well-deserved fun.


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1 Water adventure play park
2 Brean splash
3 Aqua park
4 Llanishen leisure centre
5 Bridgend life centre
6 Five rivers health and well-being centre
7 Millennium Square
8 Play in the bay
9 West country water park
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Feedhour has carefully created list of nine best water parks around Bristol:

1. Water Adventure Play Park

Water Adventure Play Park IN BRISTOL
Have fun with the sensor-activated water pad in Water Adventure Play Park 

Grab the chance to have a fun-filled day at the water adventure play park which features numerous water activities and rides for people of all ages. Enjoy yourselves on the water pad which gets triggered by sensors! Try your best to dodge the sprinklers and rain showers, but towards the end, you will definitely get drenched and soaked!

Fear not, for you can also enjoy the wooden play area which has a Stockholm castle, toddler area, sandpits and double cableway for double fun.

2. Brean Splash 

very little that Brean Splash
Brean Splash ideal destination for a waterpark both indoors and outside.

The perfect getaway for an indoor and outdoor waterpark, there is very little that Brean Splash does not offer to you. featuring mini water slides for children, rainbow rings, waterslides, heated pools and a splash park which allows you to spray, shoot or douse water on everyone as they make their way through!

Families can enjoy and relax while kids play in the comfortable 29 – 30 Celsius heated swimming pools.

3. Aqua Park, Cardiff 

Best waterpark Aqua Park, Cardiff
For maximum pleasure and minimal worry, put on your swimsuits and head over to Cardiff’s aqua park

Put on your swimsuits and drive straight to the aqua park in Cardiff for maximum fun and zero stress. They have numerous activities for people of all age groups. With more than 50 obstacle courses, flumes and slides, get soaked and enjoy the perfect weekend getaway with your family and or friends.

4. Llanishen Leisure Centre 

Llanishen Leisure Center in Bristol
Enjoy the excitement of a deep dive at the Llanishen Leisure Center

Get ready for a day filled with thrill and adventure as you dive deep in the Llanishen Leisure Centre apt for all age groups. With numerous slides, flumes and a wave machine that will leave children asking for more, this water park is definitely worth visiting.

After a day filled with water activities, you can enjoy a game of badminton, squash or even skating!

5. Bridgend Life Centre 

Bridgend Life Center water park in Bristol
Bridgend Life Center has a fantastic water slide here, and your children will never want to leave this kingdom

We welcome you to the perfect place for kids and adults. At this recreational centre, you will find numerous water rides, water slides, flumes and a massive wave machine that is sure to get you soaked up within seconds. Featuring the coolest hydro slide in the area, kids will not want to leave this palace!

They also have a baby slide that is strictly for the young toddlers and if shielded from the other activities which might not be safe for little children.

They also have a new feature called the Halo Heights that is a climbing wall with different routes and grips – all features that make for a perfect day out.

6. Five rivers health and wellbeing centre 

Five rivers health and wellbeing center in Bristol
The 25-meter swimming pool of the Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Center

Featuring a 25-meter swimming pool, this centre is an amazing palace for adults and kids. From splashing waves, huge flumes and plenty of water features around, to state-of-the-art gym equipment, spinning classes and dance studios, they have it all!

The adults can relax and enjoy the poolside while the children let their inner pirates out.

7. Millennium square, Bristol 

Amazing water park Millennium square, bristol
The Millennium Square has refreshing fountains and water elements, perfect for a hot summer day

With fountains and water features that are ideal for a summer day, we introduce the millennium square to you all – a water park that will not disappoint. Let your young ones get soaked in the water fountains and enjoy themselves while you relax, read a book or take a walk!

8. Play in the bay, the wave Bristol 

Play in the bay, the wave bristol having a amazing water park
Play in the bay, one of Bristol’s most well-known water parks, with a state-of-the-art surfing 


Offering a state-of-the-art surfing lagoon, the wave is one of the most famous water parks in Bristol. It is perfect for surfers or beginners who wish to learn surfing. They have an automatic wave machine that lets you enjoy the waves and learn how to surf all the while making sure you do not get hurt.

They offer 1-hour play sessions for all the tiny toddlers while the adults can go and relax or surf!

9. West country water park, Bradley Stoke 

West country water park, Bradley Stoke
The park is brand new and has cutting-edge water slides and other attractions

A newly opened water park, they feature some of the best water slides and technologies around Bristol. From water-based activities such as lake swimming, obstacle courses, kayaking, floating inflatable rides, paddleboarding and even jet skiing, we have saved the best water park in Bristol for the last!





Bristol offers several indoor and outdoor water parks that are perfect for a family get-together. Make bookings via Brussels Airlines & visit these water parks and make memories with your friends that will last a lifetime for sure.


How many water parks are there in Bristol?

  • There are a total of 7 water parks within the area of Bristol but many more are situated along the outskirts of Bristol.
What is Bristol, UK famous for?
  • Bristol is famous for being the first British city to be named the European green capital.
Is Bristol really the best city to live in?
  • The Sunday Times announced that Bristol was voted the best city to live in the UK!


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