10 Fun Things to do in Blackpool

Blackpool Blackpool

Blackpool houses on the Irish Sea coast of England. There are numerous places to visit and fun things to do in Blackpool. Some of the main fun things you can enjoy with your family are listed below. So book your hotel and get ready for a trip to Blackpool!

Fun Things to do In Blackpool

1. Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo | feedhour

Family-friendly Blackpool Zoo offers entertainment and knowledge to visitors. It is two kilometers inland from the Promenade and is close to the M55 freeway. This 32-acre park has over 1000 animals, reptiles, and birds and is home to mature trees, lakes, and expansive lawns where kids may run off their excess energy.

Big cats, giraffes, elephants, sea lions, orangutans, gorillas, zebras, camels, and countless other animals you love are all present. The new Orangutan Outlook opened in 2014. It enables visitors to get up close and personal with these endearing apes. The park opens at 10 am every day (except on Christmas) and closes at various times throughout the year. Visiting Blackpool Zoo is one of the best things to do in Blackpool

2. Blackpool illuminations

Blackpool illumination (sometimes known as “The Lights”) is an annual 66-day light event from early September until November. This popular tourist destination of the Blackpool showcase hypnotizing illuminations that cross the town’s main thoroughfare.

It is the perfect pastime for visitors of every age and financial condition. A celebrity turns on the lights yearly to kick off the festival during a switch-on concert. It incorporates a variety of displays, including lightbulbs, lasers, neons, floodlighting, and fiber optics.

3. The Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower | feedhour

From the top of the recognizable Blackpool Tower, the solid-glass SKYWALK and Blackpool Tower Eye provide the best vistas of the North West of England. Visit the fantastic 4D theatre to start your ascent to the summit. You will see the awesome filming and special sensory effects to bring the history of Blackpool Tower to life in front of your eyes.

Then ascend The Blackpool Tower’s 380 feet to its summit and enjoy the exhilarating SKYWALK. If you dare to step out onto the five-centimeter-thick glass viewing platform, you may peer into the Irish Sea and see the renowned Blackpool Promenade below. You will observe views of Bowland, up to the mountains, and the North West of England from the top of the Tower. Visiting Blackpool tower is one of the best things to do in Blackpool.

4. Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The ornately decorated dance hall and theatre is famous for its Mighty Wurlitzer organ. They play it for concerts, dancing, and special occasions during specific year periods.

5. Winter Gardens Blackpool

Winter Gardens Blackpool
Winter Gardens Blackpool | feedhour

The Winter Gardens Blackpool has entertained and welcomed large groups of visitors in its ballrooms, theatres, public places, and exhibition halls.

The Opera House is one of the biggest theatres in the UK, with a capacity of nearly 3000. The superb touring performances and events worldwide continue to draw crowds to the Opera House.

The Blackpool Dance Festival, legendary concerts, the PDC World Matchplay darts, and many more prestigious events occur in the Empress Ballroom. The Winter Gardens Blackpool dedicates to providing a diverse and enticing array of international conferences, events, and performances.

6. Madame Tussauds Blackpool

You will be left with a feeling more than a little bit star-struck, post visiting Madame Tussauds Blackpool. You can meet several well-known celebrities from Britain, including Olly Murs, Bear Grylls, Keith Lemon, Mo Farah, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Jack and Vera from Coronation Street, and a host of other athletes, actors, musicians, and entertainers at this fun and interactive event. Madame Tussauds Blackpool is the only place of its sort outside of London. It is well known for its celebrity wax figures. Visiting Madame Tussauds is one of the best things to do in Blackpool.

7. Sealife Blackpool

SEA LIFE Blackpool is the ideal way to see the beauties of undersea life without getting wet. It features more than 50 eye-catching shows and more than 2,000 magnificent aquatic animals. These include tropical sharks, octopuses, colorful reef fish, rays, and sea horses.

You can journey from the coast and sandy shallows of the Great British coastline to the equatorial rainforest of the Amazon and into the tropical depths of the ocean to discover the magic of the world’s waters.

8. Stanley Park

Stanley Park
Stanley Park | feedhour

Stanley Park is Blackpool’s top green destination in a designated town conservation area. It is spread over 256 acres and is one of England’s broadest and historically significant green areas created by renowned landscape architects Thomas Mawson & Sons. The park was Blackpool’s first major site planning project. It was a singular, vast development for serving the community’s requirements. Everything a visitor might want is there at the park. The Art Deco Cafe, Cocker Memorial Clock Tower, Rose Gardens, Italian Gardens, Bandstand, and Auditorium are a few breathtaking architectural and natural attractions.

These may be visited during various picturesque treks across decorative gardens, lakes, and wild woodlands. Apart from the Blackpool Model Village, Blackpool Sports Center, Stanley Park Golf Course, Athletic Arena, Blackpool Cricket Ground, boat rentals, and various outdoor field courts, the park also has excellent sporting and recreational facilities and amenities.

9. Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in the UK. It has 18 slides and other attractions and is open all year round for full-family fun. Its slides and attractions include

Master Blaster, the world’s longest indoor Roller Coaster waterslide, Aztec Falls, Sidewinder, the Thunderfalls family slides, Montazooma, and more. Visiting Sandcastle waterpark is one of the best things to do in Blackpool.

10. Coral Island Blackpool

Coral Island is Blackpool’s main free attraction. Coral Island is the best amusement park on earth which provides free everyday dining to kids all day long. Also, you will surely leave Blackpool with treasures from the biggest and best prize shop. Get your sea legs ready and leave the landlubbers behind as you soar above the masses on the Pirate Flyer, or try your nerve on the Pirates Quest Ghost Train.

Bring your abilities, or you’ll be eager to walk the plank, shoot hoops, shoot clowns, and shoot zombies to claim your prize. You can roll those balls to race your camel to the finish line! A day at Coral Island isn’t complete until you gather your pirate crew and compete in the Camel Derby.


The article covers numerous joyous places in Blackpool for a family visit. Blackpool Tower, Sandcastle waterpark, Stanley Park, Madame Tussauds Blackpool, Blackpool Zoo, and Blackpool illuminations are some of the best fun places in Blackpool. You can find details about your stay in Blackpool hotels from Feedhour and Booking.com and go for bookings.



Is Blackpool worth visiting?
Blackpool is worth visiting as it is home to numerous tourist attractions, including Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Illuminations, and the Winter Gardens. One of the most well-known sites in Britain, the Blackpool Tower still leaves tourists in awe of the famed landmark.

What is one of the many attractions that visitors could see in Blackpool?
The best attraction in Blackpool is Blackpool Tower. The solid-glass SKYWALK and Blackpool Tower Eye offer fantastic views of the North West of England from the top of the recognizable Blackpool Tower.

Is Blackpool romantic?
Blackpool has a tradition of hosting honeymooning couples who paddle together in the water and under the shade of the stunning Blackpool Tower. Several romantic restaurants in Blackpool provide a distinctive experience for date night.

Why is Blackpool good for families?
Blackpool is one of the best family vacation destinations in Britain. It has various fun places like Blackpool Tower, Stanley Park, Sandcastle waterpark, Blackpool Zoo, Madame Tussauds Blackpool, and Blackpool illuminations.

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