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eDreams is an online travel booking website is one of the world’s largest and leading online travel sites/brands. The company was founded in 1999 and since then has connected people in over 40 countries worldwide and provided 665 choices of airlines, packages, hotel stays, car rentals, etc. 

It has a happy customer base of over 18 million people in 46 different countries all over the world. It is based in Barcelona, Spain and was the first international operator in Turkey. 

What makes eDreams different?

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eDreams is the first company to create a subscription programme for its customers in the genre of travel. 

What services does eDreams offer?

eDreams also offers services of online marketing as well as advertising the brand of different businesses. 


Cheapest Deals:

eDreams gets you the cheapest flights and hotel bookings along with packages that you will not find anywhere else. 


eDreams Flights
eDreams Flights | feedhour
  • eDreams provides you with the feature of comparing the cost of flight tickets with other websites in an efficient way. 
Cost in euros  Places  Continent 
28  Ibiza Europe 
28 Palma de Mallorca Europe 
40 tenerife Europe 
45 Gran Canaria  Europe 
61 Brussels  Europe 
61 Rome  Europe 
19  Seville  Europe 
24 Malaga  Europe 
20 Valencia  Europe 
19 Alicante  Europe 
22 Santiago de compostela  Europe 
17 Minorca  Europe 
28 London  Britain 


  • Thus, these prices are the best for all kinds of customers. From students who are almost always on a budget, to workers who are planning a mini vacation, these affordable rates make traveling easy, efficient and worry-free. 
  • eDreams works with a software that automatically provides you with the cheapest flights as soon as you enter your details such as arrival date, destination, pick-up etc. 
  • Not just this, eDreams provides you with numerous tips along with tricks that you can use to book the cheapest flights at your convenience, such as: 
  • According to eDreams, do not book a flight during the heavy traffic time periods which are mainly during school vacations and  holidays, since the supply and demand is more at this time, the flights, hotels, car rentals and everything else is available at a higher cost.
  •  eDreams also suggests that booking a vacation during the night time will be cheaper than if you book during the day. The same logic of high demand and supply during the day applies here as well
  • .According to the researchers at eDreams, to save more on flight tickets, you should book the return flight at the same time insteads of booking it at a later date. This will give you the opportunity to choose the filter of “lowest rate” and therefore, you will end up saving more if you book your departing and return flight together.
  • eDreams value customer satisfaction the most. They have introduced the feature where people can look at their “best deals of the day” which include the cheapest air fare for flight tickets and bookings to the best places. 
eDreams Flights
eDreams Flights | feedhour


  • eDreams offers you the opportunity to book your hotels either along with your flight or separately as well. 
  • With numerous filters available for your convenience, you can book the hotel that suits you the best. 
  • You have the option of booking hotels almost anywhere in the world at the best prices.
Cost in euros (for one night) Hotel Names Place  Rating 
48 Los horizontes No.70 Spain  9.7
38 Large luxury apartments with pool Spain  9.6
24 Los Conejos residence  Spain  8.1
33 Canary islands host Spain  9.0
50 La Canada Spain  7.7
46 Alcaidia De Magina  Spain  8.9
42 Hostel Albergue O Méson Spain  9.1
39 Hotel Lince  Spain  8.2
eDreams Hotels
eDreams Hotels | feedhour
  • eDreams offers numerous getaway offers which help an individual book cheaper rooms and taxis. 
  • They are a discount of minimum 15% and can be more than that as well. They will be applied directly to the room prices. 
  • Getaway offers can only be combined with the genius discounts at eDreams and not any other offers. 
  • eDreams has an app that helps with your flight bookings along with hotel bookings. 
  • The app enables you to save more money because if you book a flight or book a hotel of more than 100 euros, you will get 10 euros off through the code that they provide “APP10”. 
  • Through the eDreams app, you can also travel smartly because it enables you to do an automatic check-in before your flight, thereby making sure you do not miss it. 
  • Through the eDreams app, you can also cancel, monitor, manage or modify your hotel bookings and flight bookings.


The eDreams app has helped numerous individuals plan their perfect getaways and vacations on a budget. They are a customer friendly, genuine and trustworthy brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else. eDreams is one of the leading online booking websites and rightly so. You can find more information  by clicking the link below: 


What services does eDreams provide?
eDreams, a company established in 1999 offers numerous services such as:

– Flight bookings from all over the world

– Hotel bookings which you can merge with your flight bookings

– Cars for hire and car rentals

– Holiday rentals

– Activities to do

– Shuttles and transfers from one place to another

– Virtual destination tours

– Sales and advertisement services for other brands 

What is the rating of eDreams?
eDreams is rated 4.0 by more than a thousand individuals and it has been proven that most people are more than happy and satisfied with the services provided by eDreams.t
Who is the founder of eDreams?
Javier Perez Tenessa is the founder of this company and has run the company for many years. The current CEO of the company is Dana Dunne who has been running the company since 2015. 
What is the revenue of eDreams?
The revenue of eDreams is 46.33 crores EUR.

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