Are Gousto Recipe Boxes better than other Food Options?

Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour

Gousto is a British meal kit supplier that offers easy Food Gousto recipe boxes, Recipe Kit Boxes with pre-measured, fresh ingredients and straightforward recipes to subscribers.

The idea is to make it simple to prepare wonderful meals at home. Boxes are sent with pre-measured, fresh goods and simple recipes that anyone can follow, regardless of experience level.

A home-cooked supper is a luxury in the fast-paced world we live in today. They offer you this option so you can choose the food at your convenience when dining at home.

To get an idea of how good the Gousto Food Boxes are, we have compiled a list of questions, whose answers will give you the answer to your question.

How many recipe choices are available?

Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour
Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour

They offer a weekly-changing menu of more than 60 meal selections to accommodate various dietary needs and time constraints. There were several alternatives for hectic midweek dishes in addition to more laid-back weekend catering, ranging from a quick 10-minute stir-fry to something like a 45-minute curry as well as an hour-long stew. Additionally, they offer seasonal offers in conjunction with holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Can you customise the recipes available according to your preferences?

Yes. Their weekly menu offers this choice. You can choose the portion and size of protein you’d like to receive in almost all of the boxes that you receive and also choose between to choose beef mince, meat-free mince or lean beef mince. You can also swap between chicken and halloumi to make your dish vegetarian.

What ingredients are available in the box?

Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour
Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour

Large vegetables and other ingredients are kept loose in the box. Frozen foods such as meat and fish are stored in a cardboard chill box and smaller ingredients like herbs and spices are stored in small paper bags to reduce plastic wastage. The packets are labelled with the Id Number for the recipes for your convenience along with the recipe cards and a complimentary gift along with the box.

What are the delivery timings and options for the boxes?

You can choose the time and place of your delivery. And in the UK, Gousto provides a 7 days week delivery and the delivery is followed through within 5 days. And if you aren’t home during the time of the delivery, the delivery partner will drop off the parcel at your designated spot mentioned by you. They will make sure that the contents of the box are safe and do not spill.

How frequently can I have the boxes delivered to me?

They provide delivery of the food boxes on a weekly, monthly or on fortnightly basis based on your subscription. They do not work on a lock-in period model, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the subscription period until it ends and you can pause the subscription at any time.

Are the recipes easy to make?

The components are all clearly labelled and pre-measured, making it simple to follow recipes. Most recipes only required one or two pans for prep, reducing the number of dishes to clean up. Serving and garnishing were easy as well since the recipe had reference images to follow up on.

Are the instructions in the manual easy to follow?

The step-by-step directions on the recipe cards were illustrated with pictures to make them easy to understand and follow. To minimize preparation time, the manual always suggested one component of the dish be made while another was cooking.

Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour
Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour

Are the Food Boxes value for money?

They provide introductory discounts to its new customers. Apart from that, the regular pricing of the food boxes will depend on the recipes that you want to add to your box and how big a serving you want to order.

Here is the pricing structure for all the boxes:

  • Four meals for four people – £47.75 (£2.98 per serving)
  • Three meals for four people – £42.75 (£3.56 per serving)
  • Two meals for four people – £31.75 ( £3.97 per serving)
  • Four meals for two people – £34.99 (£4.37 per serving)
  • Three meals for two people – £29.99 (£5 per serving)
  • Two meals for two people – £24.99 (£6.25 per serving)

So, as you can see, the overall quality is top-notch and they look out for every single step in their manufacturing process, from procuring the ingredients to sending the finished package to your house to make sure you have the perfect meal for yourself.



Are there any terms of subscriptions?
The package can be sent weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you always have the flexibility to skip a delivery or halt your membership. You will be automatically set up after first signing up for an once a week’s delivery, so you must remember to change the delivery dates or pause your subscription if you want to receive this less frequently. Additionally, cancelling the membership via the My Gousto account is simple.
How do the recipes taste?
The finished recipes are indeed extremely delicious and leave you wanting more. The portion sizing is also sufficient, allowing room for second servings too. Along with that, the extra garnishes of the herbs and seeds top off the dish superbly and paired with the ingredient quality, Gousto is indeed in the top end of ready-to-eat recipe food boxes.
Are the frozen foods stored well in their packaging?
Gousto has its signature Eco Chill Box, which was released in April 2020, and acts as an insulator to keep the ingredients fresh, all while not having you worry about the decomposition of the box since it is easily biodegradable.

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