Overview of Gousto: The Ultimate Food Delivery App

Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour Gousto Recipe Boxes | Feedhour

Sick and tired of coming home after a long day and having to cook yourself a meal? Unannounced guests coming over for dinner? Friends can’t seem to agree on what to order? Don’t worry – Gousto has got you covered! Feedhour brings to you the next sensational food delivery app. Food at your doorstep, but not like you know it. There will not be anymore stale fries and soggy burgers – cook yourself a rich, comforting meal with Gousto’s recipe boxes. This app has reinvented dinnertime with the big red recipe boxes.

Why Gousto?

Gousto | feedhour
  1. Variety of recipes

Gousto’s thousands of award-winning recipes have been carefully created by renowned chefs, covering every dish you can possibly crave. Other than their delicious staples, there are 50 new recipes each week for you to choose from. The app really does have it all – from global cuisines to ten minute meals, including a separate option for healthier picks, the big red box helps you whip up a wholesome meal, regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen. And if you don’t have the time to look up the perfect dinner for yourself – Gousto will choose for you, based on your previous preferences and ratings. The recipes are easy to follow and with all ingredients at hand, you get all of the flavour and absolutely none of the fuss!

Variety of recipes
Variety of recipes | feedhour
  1. Certifiably delicious

It will be an understatement to say that Gousto’s recipes are so well researched that they are bound to be delicious. They claim that their recipe doesn’t leave the kitchen unless it is tried and triple tested by the chefs as well as the staff at the company’s headquarters. And even after it goes on the menu, the staff makes sure to adhere to customer feedback and references so they can keep working on making the experience better for their consumers.

Certifiably delicious
Certifiably delicious | feedhour
  1. Active inclusion

Just because Gousto meals are rich, wholesome and delicious, doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy or non-inclusive. The app has a whole section for all the fitness freaks who want to have a delicious meal, but not the calories. Moreover, they cater to everyone at the table. There are plant-based vegetarian options, low crabs and as well as gluten-free ones. Even the pickiest of eaters will happily tuck in into the meal that comes out of that big red box. Their regularly updated menu brings to you all the nations favourites, in your style.

Active inclusion
Active inclusion | feedhour
  1. Satisfaction

Yes, fast food does bring comfort after a long day. But nothing matches the satisfaction of cooking yourself a nice meal, maybe with your partner or your favourite group of friends, or even alone. It’s not just about the look but the quality time too, at the end of the day, cooking surely is therapeutic. And of course, the quality of food is the best amalgamation of flavours from restaurant kitchens, and the healthiness of a home cooked meal.  The big red box provides soul food – food for the body, as well as the soul. Order now and the red box will be waiting for you along with your stash of red wine – match made in heaven.

Satisfaction | feedhour
  1. Time and pocket friendly

More often than not, more effort goes into thinking up what to make rather than actually making it. Gousto saves you not just the physical effort of making the food but that mental effort of thinking up recipes as well. The part has to be the insulated packaging that keeps the ingredients so fresh that you don’t even need to be home to collect your order – so convenient! Also, at Gousto, the more you order, the less you pay per portion. The price of the recipe box depends on the number of recipes you choose and how many people you are cooking for, with price starting as less as 3.14 Pounds per serving.

How does it work?

  1.     Sign up

If you are a first time Gousto user, setting up an account is extremely easy and requires you to put in a few details of your preferences so the boxes you see on the app are to your liking. Choose your box size, enter address and choose your delivery date and start browsing recipes! Create an account to place your first order, a start to many more! Once this data is punched into the algorithm, you will be free of the hassle of signing up over and over again.

  1. Subscription

Your big red Gousto box will be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, according to your preference. You can put a pause or completely stop to your subscription anytime you want with just a press of a button and no cancellation charges.

With pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, anyone can be a chef! There is also a whole online cookbook available for our expert chefs. There is something for everyone! What are you waiting for? Download Gousto today and avail great discounts! (Available on both Apple App Store as well as Google Play)


What time does Gousto arrive?
Gousto’s delivery timings are from 8am to 7pm and all boxes are expected to arrive within this time. If you haven’t received your box even after 7pm, contact their Customer Care team to find out the status of your order.
How long does Gousto stay fresh?
The big red Gousto eco box is designed to keep the contents fresh for a whole day (24 hours). Once the food is in the fridge, it can stay fresh for up to 4-6 days.
What is Gousto packaging made of?
The cold insulation packaging is made from nothing but 100% water ice to keep your food fresh. There are no preservatives in the food or toxic packing. All you need to do is empty the water down the sink once the meal is defrosted.

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