Effect of Queen Elizabeth’s death on the London Fashion Week 2022


The beloved Queen Elizabeth II passed away in her Balmoral Palace on 8th September 2022 at the age of 96. She reigned for a total of 73 years, far greater than any other British monarch in the history of the Royal Family.

London Fashion Week 2022 happening from 16th September 2022 to 20th September 2022 will be in the middle of the National Mourning Period as well as the Royal Funeral which will happen on 19th September.

How does one watch the London Fashion Week 2022? 

  • The London Fashion Week 2022 is an invite-only based event where only the individuals especially the industrialists, creators, and celebrities are invited. But since most of the events are live streamed, everyone has the access to watch it.

What is the schedule for London Fashion Week 2022?


The effect of Queen Elizabeth’s death on London Fashion Week 2022 : 

As a purely business decision, it is decided that London Fashion Week will continue while still observing the proper Royal Protocol. 

  • London fashion week will observe Queen Elizabeth’s Death in their own way by adapting and shifting the schedules.
  • They will dedicate numerous moments to the late Queen Elizabeth II.
  • They have decided that all the shows on 19th September will be rearranged and the new schedule will be followed.
  • All the parties, enjoyments and events that are not related to purely collections and catwalks, will either be postponed, scaled back or cancelled so that everyone can purely focus on business.
  • Once the fashion week and the mourning period is over, there will be a celebration in October. This will include events, parties, designer shows as well as presentations.

How London Fashion Week will pay the respect: 

  • The London Fashion Week has decided to keep all union flags at half-mast.
  • On 18th September, they will have one minute silence to pay their respect for the Late Queen Elizabeth II at 8pm.
  • They have shared a link with everyone, where people can share their tributes and pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The link for the same is: https://www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk 

  • The online tributes and written tributes at the venue will be saved for the Royal Family and placed in the condolence book.
  • No shows or events are scheduled for 19th September. 
Queen Elizabeth in Fashiion week london | FEEDHOUR


London Fashion Week has incorporated numerous things into their schedules to pay respect to Queen Elizabeth II in the best way possible. They have cancelled events, postponed celebrations and have kept it purely business related and a professional event.

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Has the Queen’s death affected the London Fashion Week?
Queen’s Elizabeth’s death has led to numerous negative impacts on London Fashion Week because designers such as Burberry, Raf Simons and more have decided to cancel their shows.
What is London Fashion Week?
London Fashion Week happens twice a year in February and September where numerous designers, models, buyers, fashion lovers and media come to discuss, observe and buy everything related to fashion.
Will London Fashion Week still happen even after Queen Elizabeth’s Death?
Yes, London Fashion Week will still happen but all the shows on 19th September 2022 will be cancelled as on 19th September the Queen will finally be laid to rest alongside Prince Philip, her husband.

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