Is It a Bank Holiday on Queen’s Funeral?

The national mourning period began on 9th September and will end with the Queen’s funeral on 19th September 2022.

Where will the Queen be laid to rest? 

The Queen will be laid to rest in St.George’s Chapel right next to Prince Philip, her husband.

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Where is the Queen right now? 
The Queen’s casket is at Westminster Palace and is lying-in-state for 23 hours everyday till 18th September.
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Queen’s Funeral | FEEDHOUR

What will happen during the National Mourning? 

  • The public and private sector have given flexiblility to its workers on the day of the funeral. If they wish to take an off due to overwhelming emotions or if they are sad, they can do so.
  • Many businesses along with organizations will be treating 19th September as an unofficial bank holiday.
  • The government has told the shop, business and organization owners, founders to not necessarily have their shops closed during the national mourning.
  • On the day of the funeral, if people wish to, they can close their shops but the government will not force any shop to do so.

Will schools and educational institutions close? 

  • In England, the department for education specified that all schools will be open during the national mourning period.
  • They suggested some ideas to the educational councils such as:
  • Incorporating the Queen’s life into the curriculum
  • Granting leaves of absence in exceptional cases
  • Planned lessons or assemblies to commemorate the Queen’s life

Will the trains work? 

  • The rail strikes that were planned from 15th – 17th september have been canceled.
  • The transportation council has a lot of pressure on them because many people have been and will continue gathering in the capital for the Queen’s funeral. Most of those individual’s mode of transportation is through trains.
  • Instead, now most train stations will have images and slideshows in the Queen’s honour and travel ambassadors to help people.

Will shops close? 

  • While some shops might close that are on the route of the procession, the government has told the shopkeepers to keep the shops open, provided they are run in accordance with the national mood.
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Queen’s Crown | FEEDHOUR


The mourning period will leave the capital in a sorrowful mood but the government has asked to work akin to how you would normally. While some events such as the London Fashion Week, The Great North Run and other events have been affected, day-to-day life should go on about normally.


Should all shops be compulsorily closed?
No, the government has specified that the shops should be open in accordance with the national mood.
Are the royal residences open?
• All royal residences are closed due to the Queen’s death. The Westminster Hall is open for the public so that they can pay their respect to the Queen, whose casket is lying in state there.
Where will the Queen be laid to rest?
Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest in St. George’s Chapel on 19th September.

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