Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners in 2022

Mountain Ribble Bikes for Beginners Ribble Mountain bikes (MTB) or mountain cycles are bicycles made for cycling over rugged terrain off-road.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Is adventure all you chase in life? Quench your wanderlust and start biking! From beach trails to the rocky mountain ones, live on the edge with Ribble mountain bikes – for all terrains and every level of biker. Feedhour is here to help you to start your biking journey with the best Mountain Bikes for beginners, powered by Ribble. Ribble Cycles are the best mountain bike option for beginners who are trying to get in the game, with their safe and long lasting performance.

Ribble’s range of MTB’s were developed to help you conquer high difficulty technical trails, fast and flowy single-track and climb as well as they descend. Escape all the hassle, with no compromise. These bikes are pedal-assisted, super-stealthy electric bikes that will assist you in keeping up with the terrain, helping you conquer that trail when the body is less than willing. Boasting 3 smooth and easy to control power levels and a range of build options, they are the lightest and most technologically advanced range of electric bikes on the market.

What are Mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes (MTB) or mountain cycles are bikes designed for off-road rough terrain cycling. These bikes have a longer rake than normal bikes which result in snappy handling, making mountain biking easy and safer. They also keep the rider’s centre of gravity balanced on steep descents, which is the result of slacker head tube angle. They also have more rugged, wider tires and extended range and ease of use, credit to being an electric bike.

What are some things you should know before buying a Mountain bike?

Some things beginners should keep in mind before getting a mountain bike is to get the right size of cycle and wheels –suited to your height and needs. The focus shouldn’t be about the weight but if or not the bike has the features you need. The priority should be durability and suspension, not flashy trinkets. Have a budget, stick to it and look for a futureproof design.

Some best Mountain bikes for beginners are:

1. Ribble CGR AL

Mountain Bikes Ribble CGR AL
Ribble makes sure it delivers everything that a must-have bike needs to feature

This light and robust bike is a stunning model that will take you anywhere with its timeless style. It does not compromise on safety or style and Ribble makes sure it delivers everything that a must-have bike needs to feature. This British designed CGR Alloy is strong, versatile and durable with carefully formulated hand built geometry so that you can conquer each and every terrain with ease. This bike is the perfect fit for a beginner and the model even allows you to customise your own colour, so you have a bike that completely feels like your own.  

2. Ribble HT Trail AL 29

Mountain Bikes Ribble CGR AL
Ribble makes sure it delivers everything that a must-have bike needs to feature

This bike is equipped with versatile aluminium trail hardtail for the newbies who want to go into the game with big wheels that are formulated for flat out speed and mountain exploration. It is a planted, yet agile and light model that confidently climbs with blistering speed over the toughest of terrains. It is the ticket to freely explore any and every wilderness you want. It is a great option for beginners as it promises safety and a smooth glide over every terrain so you do not have to limit your adventure. Go and explore any corner of the globe with this iconic Ribble bike – the best mountain bike brand.

3. Ribble HT AL – Pro SRAM GX Eagle

Ribble HT AL – Pro SRAM GX Eagle model provides trail-shredding performance
Ribble makes sure it delivers everything that a must-have bike needs to feature

This model is a definitive all-action aluminium hard-core hardtail that boasts of confidence, inspiring, agile and fun to ride. It is surely one of the best mountain bikes out there – one that should be used to measure all the others against.  Its Rockshox Revelation technology promises terrain-taming and intuitive shifts and has level 35 wheels fitted with the iconic Maxxis Minion tyres and an alloy finish that keeps your ride on this bike light-weight and smooth. It is a range topping that isn’t exactly the cheapest option but an investment that will for sure give you every penny’s worth.

4. Ribble HT 725 – Pro SRAM GX Eagle

Ribble HT 725 – Pro SRAM GX Eagle has SRAM's lightweight and smooth GX Eagle technology, making it capable of ripping up any terrain.
Featuring SRAM’s lightweight and silky-smooth GX Eagle technology, Ribble HT 725 – Pro SRAM GX Eagle is capable of ripping up any terrain.

This model provides trail-shredding performance and durability along with SRAM’s lightweight and smooth GX Eagle technology that combines compliance of modern Reynolds steel frame to give you an epic ride as it can be. This one is made for those serious minded single-track slayers looking to get into the game. It is lightweight, has alloy bars and a hydraulic dropped post. The WTB Koda compliments the package build with a lightweight, race-like profile. This option is for the people who don’t just want to explore but are sure to follow the biking lifestyle

5. Ribble HT Ti

 Ribble HT Ti mountain bike, which comes in a stunning titanium coating, is both fast and tough enough to tear up any path.
Ribble HT Ti, which comes in a stunning titanium coating, is incredibly fast and sturdy, making short work of even the toughest trails.

Available in a beautiful titanium finish, this bike provides a trail shredding performance and durability. It combines the smooth GX Eagle gear shifting technology with SRAM’S lightweight perks giving it the perfect weight of no more than 12kgs. It offers the same quiet and efficient benefits of NX but also adds to it more advanced manufacturing techniques and materials. It has a low friction SKF Wiper Cartridge and air spring that offers unmatched control. Moreover, it also boasts of intricate wheel building and wide tyres – keeping your grip on the ground as firm and solid as possible.

What are you waiting for? Hop on to the Ribble’s website and start your biking adventure today!

Feedhour is happy to be a part of your biking journey so, choose the best Mountain bike for you and your friends. 


Which is the best mountain bike?
The Ribble HT Trail AL 29 is the way to go as this model is the perfect blend of all necessary features of a mountain bike.
Which Mountain bike is best for on road use?
Ribble’s Hybrid Bike collection is specially curated to be multi-functional – both for mountain and road riding experience.
Are Mountain bikes harder to pedal?
Mountain bikes are harder to pedal on surfaces they aren’t made for (example – pavement), but give you a smooth ride on a wide variety of terrains. 


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