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Rail travel is and always has been the essence of travel when it comes to the United Kingdom – it is affordable, easily accessible and fun! Feedhour has the best tips for you to make your smooth train journey even smoother. It all revolves around the one magic tip – rail tickets online. Yes, Interrail now has a beautifully made, easy to use website accessible to everyone. The feature of getting an Interrail pass online has blended the traditional rail travel with the ease that the internet brings to our lives.

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What is an Interrail pass?

Interrail is the range of train passes for European residents that provides unlimited train travel on the scheduled train time table service of the national train operators across most parts of Europe.  It initially started in 1972 as an underground train pass for young people, but it has now evolved over the years to a point that there are now Interrail passes for adults, children, young individuals as well as senior citizens, that makes it an ideal way to explore Europe at the grass root level without the hassle of taking cabs or driving.

What is a seat reservation?

Once you have a valid Pass, check which trains require a seat reservation. Some trains, such as the  high-speed and night trains, require you to buy a mandatory seat reservation (this reservation guarantees your seat on the applicable train).

Seat Reservation | Feedhour
Seat Reservation | Feedhour

How to book a Seat Reservation?

The Interrail tool lets you make reservations for many trains in Europe, UK and many more destinations. Exceptions are only a few countries such as the Baltic countries, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and the UK (except the Eurostar trains).

You generally have two options:

Print at home- these reservations can be booked up to as less as 3 hours before departure.

Paper ticket- these reservations have to be booked way before the train’s departure time. Interrail currently offers shipping lead times of at least 2 weeks but they can go up to 4 weeks depending on the country (e.g. overseas).

To be on the safer side and guaranteeing yourself a safe and smooth journey, make timely bookings.

What do the Interrail pricings look like?

Global Interrail

pass prices

2nd class Interrail 1st class Interrail

(aged 28-59)


(under 28)


(under 12)


(over 60)


(aged 28-59)


(under 28)


(under 12)


(over 60)

4 days in 1 month (flexi) £205 £154 £0 £184 £274 £205 £0 £246
5 days in 1 month (flexi) £236 £177 £0 £212 £315 £236 £0 £283
7 days in 1 month (flexi) £280 £210 £0 £253 £374 £280 £0 £336
10 days in 2 months (flexi) £337 £253 £0 £303 £449 £337 £0 £404
15 days in 2 months (flexi) £414 £311 £0 £373 £552 £414 £0 £496
15 days continuous £372 £279 £0 £335 £496 £372 £0 £446
22 days continuous £435 £327 £0 £391 £580 £435 £0 £522
1 month continuous £563 £423 £0 £507 £750 £563 £0 £676
2 months continuous £615 £461 £0 £554 £820 £615 £0 £739
3 months continuous £759 £570 £0 £683 £1,011 £759 £0 £910

Interrail Global Prices

Why should you go online with Mobile Passes?

The Interrail mobile Pass is a paperless ticket that can be added instantly to your phone. The user-friendly covers everything – from planning your trip to boarding the train, you’re free to explore 33 European countries with extreme comfort and enjoy more travel liberty than ever before.

  •         Buy now, travel easy for the next 11 months.
  •         No pressure to choose a start date immediately.
  •         Free, instant delivery – straight on your phone.
  •         Free of charge replacement Pass if you lose your device.
  •         Paper-free, always in your pocket.
  •         Quick and easy ticket inspection.
Interrail pass | Feedhour
Interrail pass | Feedhour

How can you buy tickets online on Interrail?

Getting your tickets on Interrail is an extremely easy process:

  1. Buy your Pass
  2. Plan your route
  3. Buy your reservations

This simple three step process can be completed with just a few clicks on the Interrail website. Just punch in your travel details and the best deals will be available to you in no time.

What are you waiting for? Europe is at your fingertips with Interrail! Explore any corner you want with nothing but just your Mobile pass on your phone.


How much is Interrailing for a month?
The Interrail Global Pass valid for a one-month long journey, which you can use to travel every day, costs around 515 euros.
Is Interrail cheaper than Eurail?
The decision depends highly on what your travelling needs are. Eurail offers a wider range of options: you can still buy a one-country pass (though InterRail is cheaper), but you can also get two-country and regional passes. So, if you want to travel in two or three countries, the Eurail might be a better option.
What is an Interrail ticket?
The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel aboard almost all trains in Europe. On buying the pass, you get access to 40 railway and ferry companies in 33 countries. Most trains can be boarded by simply showing the respective staff your Interrail Pass on your phone.
Can UK citizens still use Interrail?
Even if you are a UK citizen, you can still travel with an Interrail Pass – this won’t change as a result of Brexit.


Interrail Eurail | Feedhour
Interrail Eurail | Feedhour 

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