How to Plan a Trip via Rail in 2022

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Everyone enjoys taking the train. So today, we are sharing a guide with you to plan a trip by train via Interrail. However, there are several oddities in the British train system that you should know before you plan a trip. You could have saved a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration. This information assists you in avoiding the mistakes that everyone makes when they first begin traveling by train here.

Tips to Plan a Trip in UK Through Train

Different companies operate various trains.

Before you start reserving train tickets in the UK, keep in mind that many train companies frequently offer trains to the same location. You must purchase a ticket from the correct company for the train to avoid paying a penalty charge on board. Most of the time, you can search for timetables on the National Train website. Once you’ve decided on a train, the website will connect you to the appropriate firm where you may purchase tickets.

If you’re booking from another country, certain websites like Intertrain Uk handle all train bookings, so you might not have to bother about it.

Examine Your Departure Station Thoroughly

The second item to consider while traveling by train in the United Kingdom is that trains to the same destination might depart from various stations within a city. Keep this in mind, when planning your trip so you don’t wind up at the incorrect station by accident.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

Ticket costs on many routes tend to grow as the day of travel approaches, so if you wait and buy them at the station before you leave, you may wind up paying much more than you need to.

UK Through Train | feedhour
UK Through Train | feedhour

Look for UK Train Tickets Deals & Discounts.

Along similar lines, there are cheap train tickets available in UK. Some firms conduct specials, so it’s a good idea to check their websites ahead of time. Others provide discounts for group travel or other specific conditions, so look into that as well. It might be useful if you wish to go on inexpensive day excursions from London.

Purchase a train card

For that purpose, train cards are excellent ways to save money on train travel in the United Kingdom. These cards are available to persons of certain ages and/or conditions, and purchasing one can help you save money on every trip for a year (including off-peak tube fares in London).

Take Advantage of Group Travel Discounts

In addition to train cards, group discounts are a terrific method to save money on train travel in the UK. Many trainway operators in the United Kingdom offer these tickets if you travel in a party of three to nine individuals. When traveling with a group of four people, you may usually get third-off ticket rates during off-peak periods. However, some businesses give up to 50% discount for groups of four adults.

UK Through Train | feedhour
UK Through Train | feedhour

Time to Get to the Station

After you’ve purchased your train tickets, here are some pointers to aid you on your journey. One of my best bits of advice is to allow enough time to arrive at the station before departing. London’s public transportation is frequently delayed and disrupted, and cabs are frequently slower than the tube.

Have Plenty of Time to Collect Your Tickets

In addition to giving yourself plenty of time to drive to the station, it’s critical to come early if you’re picking up your tickets before departing.

There are frequently large lines at ticket machines, especially during peak travel hours.

Make Certain You Board the Correct Train

Once you’ve obtained your tickets, make sure you board the correct train.

This may seem apparent, yet it is surprisingly simple to go on the wrong one. Many trains leave at the same time for the same area, and it’s easy to confuse one for another if you’re not paying attention. This can result in you missing a connection, having to purchase a new ticket, and/or arriving at your destination considerably later than expected. When I initially arrived here, all of these things happened to me.


We hope this blog article has helped you to plan a trip to the UK and saved you from making many of the same mistakes I did in my early years in London. Above all, I hope it inspires you to explore more of the nation. There are some incredible sites to see here (if you need inspiration, start here).

UK Through Train | feedhour
UK Through Train | feedhour


Which is the best place to travel by train?

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What activities can you do on a train?

There are lots of activities to do on the train

Play games with friends
Pop in your headphones
Watch a movie or series
Plan your trip

For more information to plan a trip visit the official website of Intertrain Uk.

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