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A membership program, Walmart Plus, is enjoyed by regular Walmart customers. The more expensive subscription services like Best Buy Total tech and Amazon Prime compete with this membership program. Subscribers to Walmart Plus receive perks in-store and online, including limitless free delivery and fuel discounts at participating gas stations. Also, free access to Paramount Plus is the newest Walmart Plus benefit. Earlier, additional savings from participating fuel stations were announced for the members of Walmart, receiving an immediate discount of 10 cents on every gallon of fuel purchased. Additionally, 12,000 Exxon and Mobil outlets around the country have been added to Walmart’s list of partner gas stations.

Walmart Plus Membership

1. Paramount Plus and Walmart Plus

Paramount Plus and Walmart Plus
Paramount Plus and Walmart Plus | feedhour

Paramount Plus free access now accompanies Walmart Plus. Customers already having Walmart’s premium membership program can enjoy a Paramount Plus Essential membership without paying any additional price. The ad-supported Paramount Plus Essential tier costs $4.99/month. Though it excludes access to local CBS stations’ live coverage, it is another benefit customers can enjoy.

2. PS5 restock and Walmart Plus

PS5 restock and Walmart Plus
PS5 restock and Walmart Plus | feedhour

It’s getting simpler to find next-generation consoles. Nevertheless, members of Walmart Plus receive early access to particular PS5 and Xbox Series X restocking events occasionally at Walmart. It boosts your chances of getting a console; however, it does not guarantee it. As a reminder, to participate in restocks, you must be a paid subscriber; otherwise, you won’t be able to take part if you’re on a free trial.

3. Walmart Plus adds Rx savings for members.

Walmart Plus adds Rx savings for members.
Walmart Plus adds Rx savings for members | feedhour

The new benefit received by Walmart Plus subscribers is Rx for Less. The program provides savings on frequently prescribed drugs for various medical conditions. It includes antibiotics, diabetes management, medications for allergies, mental health, and heart. Select medicines are now available to Walmart Plus members free of cost, while other drugs will be up to 85% discounted. The reductions take effect following your 15-day free trial.

4. Walmart Plus waives the minimum shipping charge for members

Walmart Plus waives the minimum shipping charge for members
Walmart Plus waives the minimum shipping charge for members | feedhour

For free shipping, Walmart Plus members no longer need to purchase a $35 minimum. Members would no longer have to worry about spending the required $35 minimum to receive free shipping on all orders, as announced by Walmart last year. The locations where members can utilize their fuel savings are also growing by Walmart. More than 500 Sam’s Club locations now provide fuel discounts to Walmart Plus customers. Customers will appreciate these benefits, especially considering Amazon’s decision to discontinue the Prime service.

5. Walmart Plus membership

Walmart Plus membership
Walmart Plus membership | feedhour

The annual cost of a Walmart Plus membership is $98 or $12.95 per month. (It has a complimentary 15-day trial period.) The subscription service is a rebranded version of Walmart’s Grocery Unlimited, which costs $98 annually. Walmart initiated the grocery delivery service in 2019, and in September, it immediately expanded to 1,400 more retailers. Walmart Plus, however, offers items in the cosmetic, electronics, and sports categories in addition to groceries. Comparatively, Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 annually.

6. Walmart Plus perks

Walmart Plus perks
Walmart Plus perks | feedhour

Walmart Plus has a few advantages that will grow over time. For instance, the retailer’s first Walmart Plus Weekend sales event, which includes four days of member-only bargains, at the beginning of June. The following are some additional perks of Walmart Plus:

  • Limitless Free Delivery: Customers will receive quick, free delivery on more than 160,000 items, including electronics, toys, home necessities, and groceries. Delivery will take place as quickly as the same day, with delivery windows of one hour.
  • Scan & Go: This function will make in-store shopping in the Walmart app quicker. Customers can use Walmart Pay to quickly make payments while shopping by scanning their products using the Walmart app.
  • Fuel savings: Nearly 2,000 Walmart, Murphy Express, and Murphy USA fuel stations will offer members of Walmart Plus up to 5 cents per gallon of fuel, including Sam’s Club gas stations. Additionally, Walmart enhanced the discounts so that customers may receive an immediate 10-cent discount on every gallon of fuel bought at participating stations. Across the country, members can now save at Exxon and Mobil stations.

The future perks of Walmart are currently unclear. But the frequently matching prices of Walmart and Amazon, particularly during shopping occasions like Black Friday, is noticeable. The revived competition may lead to great prices.

7. Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime

Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime
Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime | feedhour

There are over 200 million paid Prime members worldwide, according to Amazon’s Q1 2021 earnings call, which is the target Walmart Plus is undoubtedly aiming for.

Once the leading retailer in the nation, Walmart has watched as its competitor Amazon takes over online sales. According to eMarketer, Amazon currently represents about 38% of all online retail sales in the United States. Walmart, in contrast, comes in a distant second with just over 5% of the American e-commerce market. Hence, Walmart Plus is to aid in Walmart stealing some of Amazon’s market share.

Walmart has previously competed against Amazon Prime. In 2015, Walmart introduced ShippingPass, an unlimited online shipping program with three-day or faster delivery promises for $50 a year. Walmart made this offer to undercut Amazon Prime, costing $99 per year at the time. Walmart discontinued its membership charge two years later and changed to a 2-day free shipping policy on orders with a total bill of $35 or more. However, Walmart’s $3 billion acquisition of Jet.com in 2016 was its big win. Jet.com was to aid Walmart in growing its internet presence. 

In 2019, the Walmart vs Amazon conflict persisted, and Walmart launched a pilot program for 1-day shipping shortly after Amazon revealed its intentions to do so. Walmart most recently launched 2-hour Express delivery for an extra $10 on top of the usual prices.

Walmart has always been behind Amazon’s comparable sales, even on days when more retailers open, such as Black Friday. Walmart Plus is a continuation of this conflict. However, only time will tell if it delivers the decisive blow required to defeat Amazon and its enormous subscriber base.


 Walmart has always been a competitor of Amazon. It has launched its Walmart Plus membership for its regular customers. This membership provides certain perks and benefits to the members. The article covers all the essential things you need to know about the Walmart Plus program to enjoy its benefits fully. For more information on what is Walmart plus membership, Visit the official website of Feedhour.


What is Walmart plus good for?
Various goods, including groceries, are available through Walmart Plus, both online and in stores. On signing up, you’ll get discounts and advantages at Walmart and stores owned by Walmart.
How much is Walmart plus every month?
Walmart plus costs $12.95 per month, including a 15-day free trial. It will provide its members with further benefits across various services and offerings.
Is there a charge for Walmart plus?
Walmart Plus has an annual plan price of $98 and a monthly price of $12.95. Start with a free, 30-day trial membership if you’re interested in shopping discounts and other benefits.
Do you have to tip Walmart plus delivery?
Tipping is optional, and the driver receives 100% of all tips. In general, you should tip at least 10% of your total cost, but if you’re pleased with the service, you can give up to 15% or 20%. 

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