Everything we know about Westminster Palace 

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Being the oldest building in the parliamentary estate, Westminster Palace is an astonishing piece of architecture in London spanning 1,210,680 sq ft. Its official names are Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church.

Westminster Palace Queen | Feedhour
Westminster Palace Queen | Feedhour

The first it was built was in the 11th century and it became the residence for many kings and queens of England. It was re-constructed in the 18th century because a fire broke out and destroyed the major part of it. It was again re-constructed a little bit during the second world war because of the destruction caused by bombs.

Who is the architect of Westminster Palace? 

Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin were the architects of Westminster Palace.

Who owns Westminster Abbey? 

The palace is owned by the crown.

More about Westminster Palace: 

  1. Architecture:

  • It was constructed during the reign of William II.
  • It has the largest medieval timber roof in all Northern Europe which was commissioned by Richard II in 1392.
  • A fire broke out on 16th October 1834 which destroyed most of the palace involving the house of the lords.
  • During the second world war, the decisiveness of Walter Elliot saved Westminster Hall by choosing the hall over the common room since only one of them could be saved.
  1. Government

  • From the 12th century, the palace became the administrative center of the entire UK.
  • One of the most momentous occasions ever to be held at the palace was the trial of King Charles I while he was still King. The King was on trial for treason and tyranny.
Westminster Palace Queen | Feedhour
Westminster Palace Queen | Feedhour
  1. Events

  • Westminser Hall is used for a number of events such as:
    • Feasts and banquets
    • Coronations
    • Political displays
    • Shops and stalls
    • Parliament and petitioners
  1. Contemporary contexts:

  • In the present times, the Westminster Palace is used for ceremonies, coronations and lying-in-state.
  • Currently, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is placed in Westminster Hall where the public can come and pay their respects to her for four days, till 18th September. It will be open 23 hours a day.


Westminster Palace, built in the 11th century is one of the most important palaces in the United Kingdom. It is auspicious and most of the events related to the Royal Family are held at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Palace | Feedhour
Westminster Palace | Feedhour


What is Westminster Abbey being used for right now?
The palace is being used for the queen’s lying-in-state. It started on 14th september and will end on 18th September 2022, after which the queen will be laid to rest in St. George’s Chapel on 19th September 2022.You can watch the live stream through the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8htoCuxeEg
What is the hall used for?
The hall is used for a number of things such as events, ceremonies, coronations, banquets, feasts, political displays, shops, stalls, disguises in halls, parliamentary sessions and petitioners and more.
Who manages the estate?
The government of the United Kingdom is majorly responsible for handling the estate and manages the schedules, business meetings, house of commons meetings, etc.

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