How to Make Hooded Eyes Look Nice and Eye-Catching

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A beautiful pair of Hooded Eyes can transform a plain-looking person into a stunning, confident beauty. It simply takes a little practice, so it’s not as hard as you think! You may think that having eyes that look like raindrops is an unattractive characteristic, but it can be the perfect disguise for someone shy or nervous.

Try adding humor to your appearance with this list of easy ways to make your eyes look lovely and eye-catching. You’ll soon learn that not only can having hooded eyes be a great way to spice up your natural appearance, but it can also help you get noticed by more than one person at a time!

How To Wear A Hooded-Eye Makeup Look

The foundation for the hooded-eye makeup look is simple—heavy eye shadow shades with lightly outlined eyes. You can also wear a classic eyelid primer before applying the eye shadow. Once the eye shadow is on, you want to blend it with the natural creases and wrinkles on your eyes. This will give your eyes a deep, reflective look while keeping the look even and uncomplicated.

To create the “halo” look, you will also want to choose a pair of shades complimenting your skin tone. You’ll want golden eye shadows if you’re fair-skinned, while darker-skinned folk will benefit from dark shades. Once you’ve chosen your eye shadow shades, you can start adding your favorite eye shadow shades on top of them. If you want to add more color to the irises, you can mix complementary brown eyes with your favorite eye shadow shades.

Best Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes:

Wear Hooded Eyes for a Dramatic Effect


Hooded Eye | feedhour
Hooded Eye | feedhour

When you wear your favorite pair of dramatic eyes, it gives you an air of confidence that you just can’t quite put into words. You’re instantly put at ease when you’re the only one in the room with those baby blues. You don’t have to do any talking, just looking in those eyes is enough to show your admirers how much they mean to you.

To get the most dramatic effect from your hooded eyes, wear them open or with a bit of eyelid closure. Use eyelid powder to give your eyes a more dramatic look. To get even more dramatic, wear them while you sleep! That’s when they’ll be the most dramatic – and most noticeable!

Wear Hooded Eyes for an Airy Look

If you wear your hooded eyes open, you’re making your eyes look smaller and less pronounced than they are. If you want your eyes to look more significant and more dramatic, try closing them. This will give your eyes a more prominent and rounder appearance, making them look like baby blues. Wear them in a room with no light to keep your eyes open while you sleep. It will help cast shadows on your eyes that you can’t see with your eyes open. When awake, use your handy dandy flashlight to see if your eyes are bigger or smaller than they look in the mirror!

Wear Hooded Eyes for an edgy Style

Hooded eyes can look quite attractive when worn with a lot of personalities. This is especially true for individuals who are into alternative and Halloween-themed makeup. Try pairing your hooded eyes with bold, bright colors to create an edgy look that will stand out in any crowd.

For added flair, wear your hooded eyes while working out. As we all know, working out can be complicated and tiring, but it’s super effective at making your eyes feel extra heavy. When you don’t have to be careful about how you look while working out, you have much more time to devote to your workout. So, while your coworkers try to keep their eyes on you, you can focus on getting the job done!

Show off those eyes.

If you’re interested in showing off your eyes to the world, there are a few common tricks that you can employ. The first thing you want to do is wear them open whenever you’re around other people.

You’ll immediately notice how other people’s eyes light up when they see your hooded eyes. When you’re alone, close your eyes and take a deep, relaxing breath. When you exhale, imagine an air current traveling through your eyelids, flowing through your mouth and nose. Then, open your eyes again and watch as your admirers are taken aback by your beautiful eyes.

Try creating a smokey effect with your hooded eyes.

If you’re interested in giving your eyes a more dramatic look while keeping your eyes relatively healthy, consider picking up some eye shadow that contains smoke pigment. Many eye shadows these days come in shades that are perfect for adding smokey effects to your eyes. Once you’ve chosen your eye shadow shade(s), you have to look in a mirror and blend it so that it looks like you’ve got smoke from your eyes! That’s it! You’re all set to go.


Hooded Eye | feedhour
Hooded Eye | feedhour

If you’ve been trying to find ways to improve your eye area, why not try a couple of these tips to enhance the beauty of your eyes? Not only will your eyes look more beautiful, but you’ll also have the added benefit of getting more stares and compliments from others. Remember that having beautiful eyes doesn’t mean you have to look like everybody around you. You can still be confident while maintaining that shyness that makes you appear more beautiful.


How can hooded eyelids make eyeliner appear bolder?
Use eyeliner straight to the lower lash roots and the upper waterline to get this effect. Your eyes will appear more prominent, and your lashes will look thicker and more profound once you’ve successfully done this. Bonus: It looks pretty natural!
Does hooding of the eyes worsen with age?
Hooded eyes are frequently a hereditary trait that grows worse as people age. The skin on the top lid gets saggy and less elastic as it ages.
Do hooded eyes lack beauty?
Many individuals find this eye shape to be beautiful. Hooded eyes can also occur in anyone, especially as they age. It’s not something to be uncomfortable or regretful of if you start to get hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are a common aging characteristic that is yet appealing.

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